3 Reasons Hangout Music Festival will Make Your Summer

I will have the honor of blessing Hangout Music Festival with my presence from May 21st to May 22nd.  I'm so excited and here are three reasons why you should be too!

1. The lineup is fantastic

Look at that. It's beautiful.

2. The festival is on a beach

It is almost impossible to beat those white beaches. Like, it's Spring Break: Part 2, and I can't wait.

3. Gulfshores, Alabama, is a great town

Theres great food and a lot of places to stay. And again, world-class beaches.

Hangout isn't Coachella, Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, but it has a unique feature and may rival the big festivals in a few years time. Contribute to the uprising by living it up for two days in Gulfshores, Alabama!  For more information visit the festival's website here, and we hope to see you in Gulfshores too!