10 Apps to Help Distract and Destress You When Studying Just Ain't Working

With finals weeks quickly approaching, your stress levels are probably quickly rising too. It feels like there's so much to study for and so little time to do it. You can combat feeling overwhelmed by using these 10 great apps to give yourself a well-deserved break!

1. Two Dots 

My personal favorite puzzle game! It's an easy time killer and can be super relaxing. 

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2. Spellbound 

Addictive horror and romance stories (if you're into those kinds of things).

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3. 1Q 

Get paid to answer simple questions (great way to capitalize off of your boredom)!

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4. Wishbone 

Fun app to compare things such as hairstyles, celebs, and sports. 

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5. Splashy 

Bounce the ball accurately to survive - this one requires some focus.

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6. Bee Factory 

Use your time to become a honey tycoon.

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7. Wind Rider

Live out your dream of flying through the city in a wingsuit. 

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8. Baseball Boy

Seriously addictive game where you get to smash baseballs. 

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9. Sims Free Play 

Crazy addictive game where you build cities and families that also just so happens to be the reason I run out of data every month. 

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10. Calm

The award-winning app for meditation and breathing when you just gotta stop and take a breath. 

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There you have it my top 10 favorite apps to kill time on. Giving yourself a break between studying is the best form of self-care!

P.S. You're gonna do #GREATnotgood on your finals! I believe you!