Why Plants are the Best Home Decor

“Crazy Plant Lady” has overtaken “Crazy Cat Lady” as the funny spinster trope. Plants have become a trend and one with a lot of positive health benefits. There’s a reason we’re all plant obsessed and it’s because they make us feel good. They are the best possible home decor because they keep us happy, calm and productive.

A study by NASA found that houseplants can filter 87% of toxins from the air in just 24 hours. Having a few houseplants keeps you from breathing in anything nasty coming in from air vents, pets and dust. The study also found that people who put plants in their space were more productive, less stressed and less moody. 

Plants are living breathing things so they pump life into a room. Their color brightens up a space which also boosts mood and productivity. They are perfect for stressed out college kids living in small spaces. 

Lots of people get nervous about taking care of plants, but the right plant is incredibly easy to care for. Succulents have a reputation for being easy. In reality, they are often overwatered and don’t get enough sunlight during Michigan winters. 

Low to medium light plants like a spider plant or snake plant need a thorough watering once a week or, often, once every two weeks. They can still thrive through overcast and rainy days and do well in varying room temperatures.

Think about where you live, how much sunlight your room gets, how much space you have to put pots, do you have a curtain rod where you can hang them? Figure out which plants will work best for your space.

It’s important to do your research. Know what potting soil does best for your plants, choose pots with proper drainage to avoid root rot, repot plants when they get too big for their container. Being a good plant-parent is easy when you take the time to learn how. 

Occasionally your plant might droop, or lose leaves, but this is part of what plants do. Just like people get a runny nose or shed hair, plants have a cycle. Even plants that seem dead can be revived with a little attention and care, just like people!