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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.

Last week, I applied to graduate… granted, it’s not until August 2020, but it still scared the living crap of me. My experience at Central Michigan University has been no less than amazing, so I began to reflect on why it has been so great. So here’s my top 10 bucket list items to create the ULTIMATE CMU BUCKET LIST!!!

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is LIFE CHANGING. You experience new things you could never learn in the classroom and you realize there’s a lot more to life than what’s going on in your tiny bubble,  plus I met one of my best friends on the other side of the world (who ironically goes to Central too) because I studied abroad! Yes, it can be expensive, but CMU is known for their study abroad and offering low cost programs. You can also apply for scholarships and financial aid!

Tailgate Tailgate Tailgate

Tailgate season is the best season. Hands down. Seriously, some of my favorite memories are from football and tailgate season. I remember walking literally 8 miles with my roommate Elisa, going back and forth between fraternity houses on Main street, our apartment, and good ol’ Lot 63. Fire up!

Visit all of the Parks in Mt. Pleasant

There are like 10 different parks in Mt. Pleasant and they are definitely the city’s hidden treasures. Many of them are even connected by trails, which is great for running, walking, biking– but personally I prefer rollerblading through them. Not feeling active? Bring a hammock and a good book to enjoy the fresh air! The parks are beautiful throughout all the seasons, but I love going to them in the fall to see all the beautiful colors and I look forward to exploring them in the spring when the weather gets warm!

See an Academic Advisor

Definitely not the most exciting bucket list item on the list, but a necessity! First and foremost, we are attending college to get an education. Yes, I love college just as much as Asher Roth, but I can’t afford to be here much longer than it is necessary to get that degree. Academic advisors will make sure you’re on the right track so you don’t drown in debt from having to stay an extra year or two.

Attend a Program Board Event

Program Board is a group on campus that hosts a variety of events, bringing a variety of guest speakers, musicians, comedians, new movies and more to CMU!  And the best part? Most Program Board events are free! They are definitely worth checking out. I would also 10/10 recommend attending one of their spring concerts too while you’re here. During my time here so far, they’ve brought DNCE, Jesse McCartney, and Quinn XCII. This year they are bringing 3oh!3 to McGuirk arena, which I’m SO pumped for. These concerts aren’t free, but students benefit from a discounted price!

Check out all the Local Restaurants

Okay maybe not ALL of them, especially since we’re all poor college students. But you HAVE to go downtown to Max & Emily’s while you’re here. Great food, great service, cozy atmosphere– what more could you ask for?! I’d also recommend grabbing a milkshake from Pixie’s, a super cute 50’s diner located on Mission.

Explore downtown

While you’re checking out the restaurants downtown, you might as well do some exploring too!  There are a ton of super cute, niche shops. There are also some awesome coffee shops that aren’t as crowded, being farther from campus. The sides of many of the buildings are covered in artwork and great for some photo ops too.

Go on an Alternative Break and VOLUNTEER!!!

Alternative breaks are a super fun way to get involved on campus and in the community! There are weekend breaks and week-long breaks (during winter, spring and summer break)! There are so many social issues you can choose from to volunteer with!  If you don’t have the time or money to go on one of these trips, I’d still recommend getting involved through the Volunteer Center on campus. There are so many different non-profits right in Mt. Pleasant (Isabella County Restoration House, the Humane Society, the Mobile Food Pantry, etc.) that you should check out to make a difference!

Go to Wayside/O’Kelly’s  

I feel like this list would not be complete without adding the infamous Wayside and O’Kelly’s bar to the list. Yes it’s ratchet, and yes there are definitely better bars in the area… but you’ve got to dance in the cages at least ONCE while you’re attending CMU. Otherwise you will truly miss out on the full Central experience.

Join Her Campus!

Okay, shameless plug. But you should definitely join a Registered Student Organization while you’re attending school here. There are so many to choose from! Whether it’s Greek Life or a club for professional development, RSO’s are a great way to meet other students with similar interests!  

If you’re a senior, congrats on your (almost) graduation! But you better get cracking on this list!!!


Hi there! My name is Kara and I am originally from Freeland, Michigan, a tiny town in the Mid-Michigan area. I am a junior here at Central Michigan University and I am pursuing a degree in Advertising and Multi-Media Design. I have a passion for art, fashion, and music so I hope to one day work in one of these industries. My dream is to live in Chicago or New York! On campus, I am involved with the Honors Program, Advertising Student Development Forum (ASDF), the Beta Phi chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, and am now serving as the co-correspondent and editor-in-chief of the C-Mich chapter of Her Campus. I am excited to take on this role and be working with our team throughout this journey! I absolutely love Her Campus and everything that it stands for. It is not only important to empower women, but important to empower people of all sexualities, genders, races, religious beliefs, etc. A fun fact about me is that I love to roller blade and I spent over a month in Thailand this past summer!