Must Have Phone Apps for College Students

Ok let’s get real, college is stressful AF. If there’s ANYTHING that can make our college experience less stressful, we will certainly jump at the opportunity. Downloading these apps will (hopefully) do just that, and make college a little more bearable.


If you’re a college student and don’t have Venmo, you’ve probably already been harassed for it, but it’s true - you really need to get it. Forget your wallet? Forget about the guilt and awkwardness that comes along with asking your friend to pay for you - just Venmo them and the money goes right from your account into theirs instantly. I mean it's kind of dangerous because you always have instant access to your money, but it does come in handy more often than not.


For some reason, particularly for girls, when you come to college all your instagram stories have to be decorated with stickers and templates, and your posts MUST have a theme. Whatever, it’s just the world we live in. Thankfully, Canva makes this so much easier on us girls who seem to have missed the “photo editing class” that all girls take before coming to college.


Okay so yes this is technically photoshop, which I don’t approve of at all, we should all be proud of who we are and how we look and not care about the people who judge the pictures we post, BUT sometimes you just have that big annoying zit or that shiny nose that is hogging all the attention and turning your super cute picture into something no one will EVER see. Facetune allows you to conceal that zit or apply a matte finish to your shiny nose to make you feel that much more confident posting your favorite pics.

Rate My Profs

This is another must have app for ALL college students. I NEVER sign up for a class without checking this app first. You can look up specific professors and you get several different ratings and comments about them and usually they are super accurate. I’ve never thought any rating was far off or inaccurate. The best part is it even breaks it down by classes and most of the time is tells you if you actually need the book or not, which is a lifesaver. LOVE this app!


I know, I know, anyone who already has GroupMe probably doesn’t have anything nice to say about it because it usually means one horrendous thing - GROUP PROJECTS. But, as much as we hate to admit it, it does make things a little easier. Not everyone prefers iPhones and there’s nothing more that people with iPhones hate than “green messages.” We never know if it sent, if they read it, or if they’ll ever reply. You’re better off sending a message in a bottle across the ocean. GroupMe allows a group of people to message instantly and is essential if people in the group don’t have iPhones, because it’s very very similar to iMessage.

Pocket Points

This is not a very well known app, but it should be! It provides the perfect incentive for broke college students (so pretty much all of us) to put our phones away during class and in return we earn coupons at local restaurants and online stores. If you’re anything like me, it is a hardcore STRUGGLE to stay off your phone in class, and if there’s one thing that can keep me off my phone its receiving coupons for online shopping and food. Plus, as boring as class can get, we will thank ourselves later for staying off our phones and paying attention.