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Jesse Flath — Future EMT

Jesse Flath is a Central Michigan University Sophomore from Escanaba, MI. She is studying Biology with a Biomedical, Cellular, and Molecular concentration and Neuroscience, in hopes of becoming a psychiatrist. Flath is actively involved on campus; she is a Campus Ambassador, a student in the Honors Program, a member of a biology research team, a member of Alpha Chi Omega and the Vice President of the campus’ Big Brothers Big Sisters. Amid all of her involvements, Flath will be studying abroad in South Africa for the Fall 2018 semester. Before she leaves, though, she is taking a training course to become an EMT.

Why are you taking an EMT training course?

I am interested in trauma and really want to help people. I also need clinical hours for med school applications to get myself immersed in the field.

Where is this course and how long will it last?

It is at the EMS National Institute in Carver, Massachusetts and it is approximately a month long. After the class ends, I will stay there for a week to take the National Registry Exam.

What are you expecting to learn?

I will be learning basic medical responses. More than anything, I am going to learn specific symptoms and the appropriate responses to these situations. I will learn the procedures as well as the legality behind everything. There are also certain things as a first responder that I am not allowed to do (ex: administer an IV).

What are you most excited about?

I am very excited to be a first responder. I’ve always been passionate about science and helping others. I feel like I am mentally strong enough to handle the tough cases and not being able to follow up on a patient’s health (due to confidentiality reasons). It will be difficult but very exciting as a first look into my potential field.

Do you plan to continue practicing as an EMT while you are in school?

I will hopefully volunteer on weekends as I am continuing my education. Most places have about 10-12 hour shifts where you respond to any calls that come in.

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