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Fire up for football season with these tailgate essentials

Not only does autumn come with cool, crisp air, trips to local pumpkin patches and steaming caramel lattes, the season of fall is associated with one of America’s favorite sports: football.

There’s nothing like donning your team’s school colors, meeting up with friends and cheering on the football team from the stands with hundreds of your peers. However, before you enter the stadium, there’s one event a majority of fans agree puts the cherry on top of the Saturday sundae: the tailgate.

Tailgates are perfect for a variety of different reasons. Whether you’re there to meet up with a large group of friends, get pumped up before the big game or simply there to relax after a long week of class, tailgates are unifying campus events that bring everyone together. Before you hit your next tailgate, be sure to check off a few essentials you may need for the big day.

A school-spirited outfit

Tailgates are the perfect place to show your university some love, so be sure to dress head to toe in your school’s team colors. Simply wearing a t-shirt from the bookstore, or a university sweater on those chilly fall days are easy ways to support your school and team. If you’re looking for cute ways to dress up a simple tailgating outfit, consider wearing a bow in your hair or placing a small temporary tattoo on your cheekbone. There are countless ways to support your team on game day, so start by showing your school spirit through your outfit.

Comfy shoes

Many people forget that tailgating requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time. Skip the discomfort and pain that comes from wearing uncomfortable shoes and be sure to slide on your comfiest pair of sneakers before your next tailgate. Personally, I find that Converse shoes are a cute and comfortable form of footwear that are perfect for tailgates. Converse shoes look cute with anything, and they are super comfy. Plus, they can be purchased in a wide array of colors, so you can always pick up a pair of shoes that suit your school colors.

A place to put your personal belongings

If your university is anything like mine, fans aren’t allowed to bring purses and bags over a certain size into the football stadium. Avoid being turned away at the gate by putting your personal belongings in a colorful ID holder, or an adorable fanny pack. Both ID holders and fanny packs alike provide an easy way for you to store things such as your ID, money, debit/credit cards and other personal necessities you might need.

Disposable bottles

Outside food and drink is prohibited from entering the football stadium at most universities across the nation. If you’re planning to stay hydrated before heading over to the football game after the tailgate, be sure to bring a disposable bottle that can be thrown away or recycled before you make your way to the stands. Nothing is worse than bringing your favorite tumbler along to the tailgate, only to realize you cannot bring it into the stadium with you. Skip the hassle and bring a disposable bottle that can be thrown away or recycled.

Make your next tailgate one to remember by keeping a few of these tailgating tips in mind. Have a safe and happy tailgating season!

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