Challenge: Make 2019 the Year of You

January is over, which means most people’s new year resolutions are as well. However, I am challenging you to re-engage with your goals by making 2019 the year you focus on you. How do you focus on yourself? The first step is to focus on what you are trying to accomplish. Personally, I am ending my junior year at Central Michigan University with the goal of crossing more things off my school bucket list. This is causing me to push myself out of my comfort zone to model in Central Michigan University's Threads Fashion Show and participate in an Alternative Summer Break.

Yet, focusing on what you are trying to accomplish is not enough. You must have a plan of action. This plan includes a step-by-step process of the actions you are going to take to make your dreams come true. My belief is the most important part of this step-by-step process is deciding who you are going to take along with you.  

Deciding on who you are surrounding yourself with is the most vital part of focusing on yourself. It is the most vital because we are products of our environment. Meaning, the people you surround yourself with can make or break your goals. If you are hanging around with people who are content where they are, you will be too. Instead of feeling content, focus on feeling motivated. Push yourself to hang with those in positions of power, those with wealth, those in relationships. When your inner circle already has your dreams, it serves as motivation and guidance.

It is important to focus on surrounding yourself with people who do not drain you, but motivate you. Your close circle should be filled with individuals who match your excitement. When you get a job opportunity or a new relationship, your inner circle should be more excited than you. Ditch the people that surround you with jealousy, competition, rage, and selfishness when you are excelling and they are staying still.

These are hard decisions to make. How can you drop someone who has been your friend since grade school? Aren’t there always some positives on a list full of negatives? Yes, there is. However, if you find yourself missing more of what your friend, partner, or family member used to be, drop them.

It is 2019. It is the time to realize what you deserve. It is time to tell those who aren’t giving you what you need to bring down someone else’s aura. It is time to cross those things off your bucket list. Make that plan, stick to it, and bring along genuine people to watch you succeed.