To All the People Who Want to Change Their Hair

If you’ve ever wanted to dye, cut, shave, or really do anything to your hair, this is for you. I’m here because I’ve been you before. Sometimes I still am you, even after I’ve done so many different things with my hair.

A quick list:

  • Length long, short, and anywhere in-between
  • Bangs
  • Face-framing
  • Dyed brown, red, and black
  • Red highlights
  • A purple streak
  • A feather (shoutout if you remember that trend)
  • Bleached tips
  • Pink tips
  • Purple tips dyed with Kool-Aid
  • Blonde balayage

I’ve home dyed plenty of times and I’ve had my hair professionally done, too. My hair has seen a lot. And even after all that I still get nervous before I make a hair decision. What if I hate it? What if it’s ugly? What if? So, this is to all the people who are nervous about dying their hair, going for the big chop, or the person who has wanted to get bangs or maybe grow them out. This is to anyone feeling like they want or need a change. Forget the “what ifs” and just go for it. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Stop looking up pictures of celebrities hair you want to copy or making Pinterest boards. Stop being envious of people who get the haircut you want and look good. GO DO IT! Trust me it’ll feel so good.

Sure, I’ve cut my hair and then missed how long it was, but it was okay because I still looked cute and my hair grew back (just for me to cut it again). I’ve both cut and grown my hair out of spite and I didn’t regret either of those decisions. I’ve never regretted any of the fun things I’ve done to my hair. Would I ever get a single thick purple streak in my hair again? Absolutely not! But at the time I loved and it was cool. No regrets.

This is all just to say, do what makes you happy, go for the look you want. Don’t let you or anyone else hold you back. You’ll look great and feel great. Good luck and happy changes!