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5 Ways to Find the Right Internship for You

Internships. I know the word can make some people nervous or stressed, but we shouldn’t feel that way about internships. They’re a great way to start out in your career field and gain more experience. Some of us may even need an internship to graduate. That being said, here are my tips on how to land the perfect internship for you.

Identify your career interests

What do you plan on doing after college? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are all good questions to think about when applying for internships. Try to find companies that match your values and interests. Try them out. The good part about internships is that if you do an internship in a business, and you don’t have a good experience, you can learn from that and try to avoid jobs like them. An internship is all about learning.

Do some online research

A good place to start is the Internet. Search LinkedIn for internships in the area or career field you would like. Job websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor are a great way to find internships you may be interested in.


It’s a great idea to start networking early while in college. It can open you up to internship opportunities and possibly even a job! Go to networking events at college, go to events where there are speakers, talk to your professors and classmates. You never know who you may meet through connections.

Revamp your resume

Check out your career services department to get help with your resume. You can have someone edit your resume and give you tips on how to make it stronger. Career services also provide cover letter advice, and mock interviews to prepare yourself. 

Go to a career or internship fair

These are perfect events to find your internship. Bring your resume, your business cards and your nicest outfit and get ready to meet professionals. Talk with recruiters from companies you are interested in. Give them your resume. You may stand out to them and they may offer you an interview.

Remember, an internship is a learning experience. You must present yourself in a confident manner, prove to employers that you know what you’re getting into, and that you’re ready to learn more. So, what are you waiting for?

Sara is an Integrative Public Relations Major at Central Michigan University. She hopes to work in a PR agency one day, managing social media for clients. When she's not reading yet another book from one of her three bookshelves, she can be found cuddling her cats, Luna and Selene. 
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