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5 Things I am Excited About This Summer

This summer is going to come with big changes for me. Any of my juniors and seniors out there are sure to understand. Getting an internship over the summer means I am moving up in the world, or, I guess, down.

Living in a New City

As I said, I’ll be sliding down a bit South to Lansing for my internship, and I’m pretty confident it’s going to be great. I’m looking forward to being in a bigger city than Mount Pleasant. Lansing is a great college city, so I know that there will be so many places tailored to my age group. I can’t wait to explore and try new restaurants or even see what Michigan State has to offer. Although I’ll be fired up forever and I’m a maroon and gold Chip to the core, I’m looking forward to being out of Mount Pleasant. There is something so exciting about getting to know a new city and I think I’m going to have a blast finding new places that I love.

Working in my Field

I’m excited to get real experience working in the area that I love. I’ve enjoyed being in RSOs and working on projects to build portfolios during college, but being employed is definitely a step up. I’m going to be able to experience real-world issues in my field and I’m going to come out, hopefully, with a better idea of what specifically I want to do when I graduate. I’ll be making great connections and I’ll have people to reach out to and to help guide me through getting a job come next May.

Having a Full-Time Job

This will be my first ‘Big Kid’ job and I’m ready to meet the challenge of waking up at 7 every day. Okay, that’s a lie, but I better start getting used to the idea. I really am excited to get a taste of what the rest of my life has to offer. College has given me the luxury of sleeping in and only having a few hours of class per day. I don’t want to be shocked when I start working after graduation and I have to cope with being in one place for seven to eight hours a day. I want to build good habits that will follow me into adulthood. Plus, I’m really excited about all the money I’ll be making.

Meeting New People

I love all my friends dearly, but not a single one of them is going to be doing anything remotely close to what I will be after graduation. I need to learn how to make friends again and I can’t wait to meet the other interns at my job. Not only will I be learning how to work in my field, but I’ll also be able to hear what other students in my area are doing to be competitive and what their experiences are.

The Weather

Some things never change. As always, I’m just really excited for the sun and some good 70° weather.

My name is Julia, and I am a junior from Kentwood, MI double majoring in Advertising and Psychology. My other involvements include Study Abroad Ambassadors, Campus Ambassadors, and the Honors Program. I'm excited to expand my skills while working with Her Campus, and I'm hopeful that this chapter will bring a lot of enjoyment to students at CMU. I am so excited to continue as the Advertising Chair for this chapter!
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