• Saying Goodbye to my Dorm Room Bed

    I had the mattress covered in faux fur blankets to keep me warm. It is where I sat criss-crossed besides a dreamy guy and where I also asked the universe why no one tends to stay around anymore.

  • It's Glow (Up) Time

    Ever wonder how you’re supposed to find yourself in college when you barely have time to look in the mirror? Are you craving the time to indulge a bit and pinpoint your aesthetic? Thank goodness summer is almost here!

  • Finals Week Reminders to Keep you Motivated

    WE ARE ALL LESS THAN A WEEK FROM FINISHING OUT THE SEMESTER. This week is hard, tears are shed, and stress overtakes the campus, but I have some exciting reminders to get you through the panic-filled week and into summer.

  • The Sophomore Slump

    My sophomore year of college was probably one of the best and worst years of my life.

  • Mt. Pleasant Coffee Corners

    Tired of the super long line at Starbucks in the University Center? Did you forget about that history essay due tomorrow morning? Even...

  • 5 Tips to Survive Finals

    With finals week approaching, most people can already feel the stress sinking in. The constant debate to either study now or give up completely is in the back of everyone’s mind. Well I’m here to give you five tips on how to stay ahead of your finals.

  • Jesse Flath — Future EMT

    Jesse Flath is a Central Michigan University Sophomore from Escanaba, MI. She is studying Biology with a Biomedical, Cellular, and Molecular concentration and Neuroscience, in hopes of becoming a psychiatrist.

  • An Open Letter to my Person

    You told me you thought I was going to be a b*tch when we first met. Little did you know, I was going to become your b*tch.

  • Why I March in SlutWalks

    The mission of SlutWalk originates from a 2011 police address which occurred during a safety forum at York University, in Toronto, Ontario. The police officer present at the event said that in order for women to avoid rape, they must avoid dressing promiscuously-- dressing like “sluts.”

  • SAPA Honors Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    One in every five women and one in every 71 men has been raped in the United States. Central Michigan University’s Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (SAPA) are not only honoring victims during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), but every month by providing support and resources for those affected by assault and harassment.

  • New Girl — The Final Season

    The time is here— the final season of New Girl has begun. This marks the beginning of the end of the show’s seven-year run.

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