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Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

Sustainability 101: Reusable Products

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.


Single-use plastics have been a hot topic; from straws to plastic bags and more in between. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of these plastics you use, you’re in the right place! More stores—both online and at physical locations—have started offering a variety of reusable products. 

One important way to reduce single-use plastics is investing in reusable bags to use when shopping as opposed to the plastic or paper offered at stores. Etsy is a website for small businesses to sell their items and there are many types of reusable shopping bags offered. To replace the plastic bag at checkout, seller 208Tees offers a tote bag with a mountain printed on it for $10.39 with free shipping. A cheaper option is buying reusable bags from different retailers wherever you do your shopping. Stores even offer discounts when you use reusable shopping bags. For example, Target gives a five-cent discount for each reusable bag you use when you shop in their stores. Another type of reusable bag you can buy from Etsy is a mesh produce bag from seller SweetFabricStudio. This is $11.99 with free shipping for a set of twelve bags and helps limit the single-use plastic produce bags found in grocery stores.

Another way to limit single-use plastics is to purchase a reusable water bottle. Not only does this keep more plastic out of the landfill, but it also will save you money in the long run. According to the Earth Day website, you could save around $260 each year from not purchasing disposable, plastic water bottles. Unsure of what brand of water bottle to buy? Some popular brands include CamelBak, Hydro Flask, Nalgene, and Contigo. There are even more companies than the few I listed, so you can find a reusable water bottle that best suits your needs. 

Remember every little action counts in helping save the planet. Using reusable bags when shopping and investing in a reusable water bottle are just two types of products that limit plastic consumption. If these products are currently out of your price range, you can still take small steps to limit your plastic consumption, such as reusing water bottles, not using straws, and reusing plastic bags. Every little action counts! 

Student Environmental Alliance is an environmental advocacy group at Central Michigan University.