Workin' Woman: Kait Wilbur

Welcome to Workin’ Women, a new Her Campus profile series where we get to know the ladies of Butler and their side hustles: part-time, on-campus, co-ops, or internships.


This week’s Workin’ Woman is Kait Wilbur, a junior Strategic Communication and Digital Media major and current Copywriting Intern at Young & Laramore in downtown Indianapolis. In addition to creating content for Y&L, one of Indy’s best and brightest advertising agencies, Kait is also a singer-songwriter with a recent EP and is a writer for Her Campus.



HC: So, what do you do?


Kait: I'm basically a member of the creative team! I assist with writing on campaigns and coming up with concepts on some smaller stuff. So far it's mostly been print and social media. I also sit in meetings and give input sometimes. (It's hardly ever good input.)


I work approximately 23 hours a week. I'm basically living a double life as a college student and an ad agency person. I'm at Y&L more than I'm in class. Which is dope!


HC: Favorite office snack?


Kait: Popcorn. There's a popcorn machine in the snack area and sometimes we'll all get an email where the subject line is just "Popcorn." The first time I was in a meeting and things went well, I walked out of the room and immediately smelled all the buttery goodness.


HC: What's the best thing on your desk?


Kait: The severed head of Olaf from Frozen. (It's just a big stuffed animal.)


HC: What's your favorite thing about your internship?


Kait: The freedom. As long as I get my work done, office hours are super flexible for everyone. A lot of the time, when I get there a little after 8:30 (when we open), nobody's there, and they aren't there until 9. I can take my time to get centered and recalibrate so I can churn out some quality written content. Sometimes I'll go walk a lap around the building. Sometimes I'll eat a bowl of soup at my desk and watch Netflix.


HC: And the hardest part of your internship?


Kait: The freedom. I'm teaching myself strategies to stay motivated. And it's always harder than I'll expect. Sometimes I'll go walk a lap around the building. Sometimes I'll eat a bowl of soup at my desk and watch Netflix. (I'm sure this will change once I have a really tight deadline.)


HC: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kait: I want to be writing and creating still. Probably in an ad capacity. Maybe in a bloggy, booky, or songy capacity. Hopefully in many ways at the same time. I think my job as a human is to create things.


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