Five Good Things About The Return of Classes

Well friends, the day has finally come… classes have begun, summer’s reached its end, and everyone is slowly making their way back to reality. Wildly unfortunate, I know… but perhaps there’s some light at the end of this death-of-summer tunnel.


Five Good Things About the Return of Classes


  1. Return of routine

If you’re anything like me, you function best with structure. I’m talkin planners, I’m talkin big ass wall calendars, I’m talkin routine… and an air tight one at that. The school year is great for getting back into your routine or creating a new one, so take advantage of these first few flexible weeks and get back on your A game, girl!



  1. Return of seeing your friends a TON


There’s nothing better than walking into your first class of the day and running into friends you had no idea were in that class. Being back on campus also means you get to see all your pals that maybe don’t live close by or had super busy summers. Go ahead, be that girl that screams and hugs her bff! Hug me sis!


  1. Return of no parents  


The best part about college? NO PARENTS! Welcome back do being accountable for nothing and eating cheeto puffs for every meal. No curfew, no arguing over who gets the big tv for their show tonight, nothing! Back to whatever it is the college version of being an adult is!


  1. Return of alcohol


Sure, drinking with your parents during family game night, but you can’t do things like drink an entire bottle of wine and then cry about your indecisiveness in your career path on the floor while you drink with your parents during family game night. You also can’t make fun of dumb frat guys during family game night, laugh at all the dumb things your drunk friends say, and use the excuse of “oh sorry I cried on your floor for 45 minutes last night… I was really drunk and thinking about Derek Shepard. Welcome back alcohol floor crisis… we missed you.


  1. Return of HC!


So what’s the best thing about the return of school? That’s right (or should I say write… don’t worry I hate myself too) your favorite girl band is back and wittier than ever. We’ve got a great semester of sass, femme vibes, and memes comin at ya real soon!