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HerCampus has done it again, ladies, a box of the best possible goodies to help us survive finals week.


Let’s dive in, shall we?



First off… razors, razors galore. More Specifically, the Shick Quattro You.



Is there any better feeling than freshly shaved legs on freshly changed bed sheets after a long day of studying? Seriously, let me know if you find a better feeling. These razors are an adorable purple color and give you a super close shave, even in those tricky around the knee/ankle spots.


What goes better with razors than shaving cream?

The Skintimate 2 in 1 shaving cream will change your life .This stuff is damn near magical. It conditions your legs WHILE you shave, leaving them super moisturized and silky.  Talk about the best of both worlds.


(I’m sorry, I had to).


Next up: Bed Head’s Beehive matte dry shampoo.



Dry shampoo is my secret weapon when it comes to finals week. You’re bat shit crazy if you think I’m gonna stop studying to take a shower. This stuff? Yeah…  10/10, totally makes it look like I showered.


You know you want some beach waves, ladies.



Step 1: Roll out of bed.

Step 2: Spray your hair with Bed Head’s Beach Me misting gel for the perfect beach bitch look in minutes.

Step 3: Kick ass and take names.





Check out this detangling spray that ALSO GIVES YOU BEACH WAVES. Bed Head, you’ve truly hit it out of the park with this one.


And finally… it wouldn’t be an HC survival box without super glue (to hold your life together after finals).


You can do this, gal pals. Keep your heads held high (and full of Bed Head beach waves) and kill those finals!



Gossiping instead of studying.

Rae Stoffel is a senior at Butler University studying Journalism with a double minor in French and strategic communications. With an affinity for iced coffee, blazers, and the worlds worst jokes, she calls herself a witty optomistic, which can be heavily reflected in her writing. Stoffel is a Chicago native looking forward to returning to the windy city post graduation. 
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