Why Deleting Social Media Was Great For Me

After going through a tough breakup all I would do was go on Instagram and look at all these cute couples and be upset. Or I would look back to the messages exchanged from me and my ex. That was NOT good for my mental health and I knew something needed to change so that I wouldn't be in constant despair. I deleted all my social media apps for a week. This included Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. A week may not seem like a lot but when you're constantly looking at your phone it seems like an eternity. ESPECIALLY when you have no plans for Spring Break and you're just in your room hanging out with your dog.

First two days I wanted to re-download every app, but I had to be strong. I had my friend tell me anything seriousthat happened, but other than that I was shutout from the virtual world. I used my phone to take pictures of my dog and play every game known to man. 

Towards the end of the week I found other ways to occupy my time, one of them being cooking. I cook a lot, but I had my mom in the ktichen with me so I was able to make more elaborate dishes. Honestly you can say I might be better than Gordon Ramsey.

I also went to the gym for a little longer and spent more time just hanging out with my family. 

Overall what I learned is social media just makes us envious of what other people have. But social media is just that, social media. We don't know what behind the screen. A happy couple could actually be miserable. A girl who went on vacation could have spent the whole thing taking pictures and not even taking in the views. It's easy to be someone you aren't, but that's just fooling ourselves. Not having social media was a breather real quick because i didn't have to like everyone's picture and see all these things I wish I was doing. I truly was just living in the moment even if I wasn''t doing much. I was still there in the real world. I woke up without checking every app. I just woke up and went about my day. Everyone should seriously go on a social media cleanse. If you are the average person who checks their phone every 5 seconds, putting down your phone might help you.