We're Back Baby, and We're Safer Than Ever

Let’s all be real, we have all been scared at least once on campus either because we think someone’s following us or it is just late at night and we get the creeps. Being a girl makes this especially true. I mean how many guys are actually spending their time thinking “Is that person following me omg” as they walk to class. Rape is a serious matter, especially on campus, so doing just a few things extra to ensure our safety and comfort is extremely important and something we all should come to terms on. As we jump into the new year there has been so much more technology that can comfort us a little extra. First, campus safety is a big priority here at the University at Buffalo. They have recently enforced the app Rave Guardian. With this app you’re able to check in with family, friends, and campus police to help you feel safe on and even off campus! With this app you can send an alert that you feel unsafe and UB police can come to your location! False alarm or not UB police won’t mind as long as they know all their students feel safe. In addition, this app allows you to have quick access to important phone numbers, send in anonymous tips, and send out information to safety officials about possible unsafe events. This app itself acts like a security blanket to me when I’m walking on campus alone! Beside an interactive app there are many items that can help us feel safer. For Christmas this year I got Astubia, which is a small emergency self defense alarm. The Astubia is so small you can attach it to your keys, back pack, or belt. With just a quick pull of the attached pin an alarm will be activated that will be loud enough to get someone’s attention or scare off the attacker. I have one set attached to my back pack and another set on my car keys so I know I have some sort of self defense on me at all times. 

Now gadgets and apps are nice but sometimes our bodies can be just enough! Western New York MMA offers free women’s self defense classes every second Sunday of every month from 12-2pm. This free class allows women to learn basic self defense to help us protect ourselves in times of danger. At any point we could be put into an unsafe position and having a basic sense of security could potentially save us from incidents such as rape or physical attacks. There is nothing more empowering than knowing how to protect yourself physically! So remember to stay safe and always be vigilant and good luck this spring semester!