Starting My Fitness Journey



Working out, a girl’s best friend, am I right? WRONG. Working out is the worst thing in the world. It’s not so much doing the actual work but more getting myself to the gym to workout. The struggle is real. 


I was on the heavier side as a kid. I hated all type of physical activity, so much that I would purposely not go to gym in school because I didn’t want to be the “odd one out”. As I grew up I realized how serious my weight was getting, all the crap I ate and not leaving the couch started to catch up to me. I needed to make a change. 


I started doing all types of research. “How to lose 5 pounds a week” or “Lose weight and still eat cheesecake”. Let me tell you now, all those ads are fake, don’t work, and are NOT healthy. The only way to lose weight truly is to eat healthy wholesome food and to regularly exercise. 


Just the thought of that a couple years ago would make me upset. I did push up, crunches, went on runs, jump roped and all it did was made me miserable. So, I decided one day to google workout videos and I came across this YouTube channel called Blogilates. That channel right there has changed my life for the better and the minute I started watching these videos I haven’t looked back. 


Check out my next article for part 2!