PCOS Sessions

I posted within the last year about what it was like to be diagnosed with PCOS. For those of you who don’t know what PCOS is, it is an acronym that stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Without getting into fancy medical terminology that most of us don’t really understand it suffices to say that is sucks. It really sucks. I figured it was time to give an update and to share a little bit more about my story and struggle with this demon.



Since my last update a few months ago, I have currently lost 22 pounds (the first image below is a before and after, I’m the brunette in the photos). It’s a small start for how much I have left to lose but I am officially down one full pant size. Losing weight is an uphill battle for anyone who is currently struggling and it takes a ton of discipline and faith to not be discouraged. Having temperamental hormones sometimes feels like and endless roller coaster but I’ve found that having your medications and birth control can make a world of difference.





When I was diagnosed a few months ago I decided that it might be in my best interest to see and endocrinologist. I had my blood tested to check my sugars and other levels and found that I had an elevated A1C levels. This is often how people who suffer from diabetes are diagnosed bc A1C tests the glucose levels in your bloodstream, when these levels are off and elevated it’s often a sign that your body isn’t processing insulin in a proper manner. So, when looking into some of my options, my endocrinologist prescribed me something called Metformin and prescription strength Vitamin D.



I don’t think that depending on medication is ever something that should be condoned however, these medications have drastically changed my life. It’s only been roughly a month and a half but after about week 2 of being on these medications I’ve found that my mood and energy levels have drastically increased, I’ve stopped craving sugar, and my bouts with depression have drastically decreased. I haven’t lost much weight since being on metformin (I only lost an additional 4lbs which bumped my weight loss up to 26lbs), however my mood and energy levels have given me the opportunity to take a part of my life back. I am able to keep up with people my own age, I’m not constantly hungry, and I am not fatigued as easily as I used to be. I run an instagram account dedicated to my journey and struggle with PCOS called metformin_forme. I plan on doing another update in a few months however,  if I had never questioned my doctor and insisted that there was something wrong I would never be where I am now. Always trust your instincts, your body is NEVER wrong. Be strong and confident in your resolutions and stick to your guns, sometimes fighting against those who seem to know better could end up changing your life.