A Lazy Girls Guide to Organization

If you’re anything like me and try to start the school year off as organized as possible...then good luck because it never works out. Just kidding, here’s some tips that I personally use to make myself a tad more organized the first week of school and so on. As someone who is very unorganized and relatively lazy when trying to fix her organizational skills these small changes generally help adjust


Make your bed every morning

Yes, I know this seems miniscule and somewhat annoying and I am sure you've seen this tip so many times to the point you're annoyed with it. But honestly, after a long day of classes it’ll make your life seem a bit more put together if you walk into your room and see your bed made up, it'll only take you approx two minutes to do so as well

Get yourself a calendar

You can get a $1 calender from just about any dollar store near your campus. I’m sure a bunch of you already do this but a wall and/or handheld calender that you can take with you will work wonders for remembering that online assignment that was due three weeks ago but you're just starting it 2 hours before its due, let's prevent that this semester


For Apple Lovers...as in the brand

If you have a Macbook, use the “stickies” option on your desktop to document assignments, schedules, meetings (aka your campus' Her Campus meetings (; ), etc. You're on your laptop for most of the day if not for classes for Netflix, so why not use this super easy option?!

Always fill your water bottle before leaving the house/dorm

Just another small thing that will make you feel a tad more organized. Hydration is very important, especially when trying to be successful throughout the day as well as in your studies. Have you ever been running late to something so you work up a sweat and realize you're out of water or just don't have a water bottle packed?! This could safe your mood or even your day, if you're too busy to stop and buy a water bottle! 


Make a to do list for the week

Each Sunday I sit down and write out some things I need to have done by the end of the week. Whether that be social/academic/personal goals, write everything down! Even if you can’t get them all accomplished that week, they can be a long term goal. Or write down things you'd like to do, I always write down new locations I'd love to travel to or even new restaurants that I want to try by the end of the semester!