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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buffalo chapter.

     Finals week is a very stressful time for everyone.  Especially with the unprecedented times we are in, the pressure is piling up even more than usual.  Here are some of my tips and reminders for finals week, I hope you find them useful!

Your grades do not define you.

     I know it is difficult to separate the desire to do well and trying to not let a “bad” grade ruin your whole week.  Yes, not doing as well as you would like to is a hard pill to swallow.  Although that grade does not make you any less of a person or any less capable!  Once the test is over, it’s over, so there is no point in dwelling on it.  If possible, go to your professor or teaching assistant to see what you got wrong!  If seeing where you went wrong and finding out the correct answers will put you at ease, by all means, go for it.  The main takeaway is at the end of the day, your grades do not determine your worth or your future.

Study bits at a time.

     Cramming never bodes well for anyone.  I recommend splitting up your work into chunks and memorizing or studying a chunk each day.  Then the next day you can study the new chunk and go over the previous material you have already been studying.  This way you won’t be hit with an insane amount of work all in one sitting.  In order for this to work effectively, I recommend putting all of your final dates on your calendar that way you know when to start splitting up your work and studying!


     If you get test anxiety as badly as I do, I highly recommend doing an exam meditation either the night before the final or the morning before the final.  My favorite so far is this one, it just puts everything into perspective!  If you would like to find even more though, you can just type “exam/test anxiety meditation” on Google or YouTube and find which one you like best.

     I hope these methods can help you in being successful with your finals!  Good luck to all of you, grind through we are almost to the end!!!

Katie is the president and chapter correspondent of the Her Campus Buffalo chapter and a junior at the University at Buffalo studying psychology and political science. She loves to write about current events, politics, how to manage college life, and much more! She plans on using this platform to speak her mind and make a difference at UB.