Breaking Apart or Coming Together

    As cuffing season comes to a close it’s time to really evaluate the relationships that we have with our friends, family, and significant others. Whether these relationships are formed out of convenience or formed for another reason, it’s important to understand how they effect us in our everyday lives. Earlier this summer I got out of a serious long term relationship. It ended up being for the better but this change made me begin to examine the other relationships I have formed  over the years and how they are effecting me, in my everyday life.

    If a relationship is formed and the cons already outweigh pros then it’s time to leave the scene, sweetie. Things that set off red flags shouldn’t just be ignored but rather explored. We all have core values and it’s better to find out early if the match up than to invest heart, time, and feelings into something that won’t work out. It’s better to invest all of that energy and emotion into something that is healthy and has potential. Toxic relationships can easily be formed out of resentment and conflicts arising from mutual tensions and disagreements.

    Make sure your relationships are mutually beneficial. It’s important to make the most of every relationship and contact you form in your life because some people have unknown expiration dates. Not all people who come into your life are meant to stay with you. If the relationship or friendship doesn’t work out or time simply spreads you apart make sure that you take the experience and honor the time you had with that person. Whether it ends on positive or negative terms it is important to take each lesson in life as an experience that helps you to better yourself.

    Ending relationships is not the first answer nor the only answer on how to deal with relationships that are no longer suitable. Take the time to really understand the bond you have with another person and to open yourself up. Look at the past and present to see if there is a future that exists. If that future is bright or is something that can be achieved charge forth and go for the gold. Thank you for reading ladies and as always; be happy, be beautiful, and be you.