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4 Things You Should Do In The Morning For a Productive Day

How you begin the day sets the whole tone for the rest of your day. Weekdays can be very crazy and can get overwhelming at times if you’re not ready to tackle the day! To help prevent this from happening here are 4 things you should do in the morning before the day gets going!


Don’t skip the little things| It is very easy to be in rush mode every morning but setting that alarm clock a little earlier every morning can definitely help you feel better prepared. Giving yourself that extra time to wash up, eat a wholesome breakfast, and prepare for the tasks ahead can make a wild of a difference in productivity throughout the day. I even wake up and do 15 minutes of mediation to clear my mind of all stress and let myself breath to prepare for the days stress ahead!


Bad things first| I personally find it much more relieving after I finish the tasks I know I don’t like. Doing this and not putting them off allows you to not worry about the rest of the day or just dread the day until you get to that task. Even better, tackling the things I hate first motivates me to get even more work done! HA, take that you 6am workout.


Strut it like you’re on the runway| Feeling good on the outside makes the hell of a difference for how you feel on the inside. Taking the time in the morning picking out an outfit you love, getting all dolled up allows you to feel better about yourself and more willing to kick the day right in the ass! Confidence is key. I notice that if I stay in my sweats all day and try to accomplish things, nothing gets done, and I mean nothing.


Get Organized| Writing a checklist or filling out a planner is the only reason I have some of my life together. If I am not able to write out my day the night before, I wake up to my brain going a thousand miles an hour and I just get right out of bed stressed. Writing that checklist everyday keeps you motivated, organized, and just more productive. Science has even proven that seeing a check mark next to something after completing it makes us feel more productive and accomplished! It is annoying at first if you don’t usually write one but after the habit kicks in, it makes the world of a difference!

Bonus| I have just recently started writing in a journal every night 3 things I was grateful for in my day. This has overall changed my mood and truly made me realize the important things in life. I highly recommend everyone just try it.

Hi! My names Victoria! I’m in the intended Nursing program at the University at Buffalo currently. A little about myself is I’m a bubbly, dog loving, Disney freak, who loves baking (I TRY to be healthy). I’m a member of Alpha Sigma Tau and now currently write for HerCampus here at UB :)
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