10 Ways to Prep for Next Semester

The way you begin your first few weeks of classes can really set the standard for how you will manage the entire semester. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right foot!


1: Stock up on school supplies! You’ll always need the typical class essentials (notebooks, folders, flash cards, etc.), but also look for some supplies that may make schoolwork more fun! Whether it be cute stationary or fun pens, having any small thing to brighten your day can really make the stress of classes a bit more bearable.

2: Get in the habit of using a planner or bullet journal! As soon as you get your class syllabi, you can mark down major exam or project weeks so you know when your busiest times in the semester will be. You can also add homework and due dates on a weekly basis to make sure you never forget about an assignment.

3: Make to-do lists! If you write down a small list of doable goals that you want to complete each day, you can check them off as soon as they’re finished. This will help you celebrate small victories each day and always feel accomplished!

4: If you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork at night, work on developing a 9 to 5 mindset! While this isn’t always perfectly doable with weird college class times, becoming accustomed to using your free time throughout the day to get work done will leave you with more personal time at night. And, it will help you get used to the standard work hours that you might have throughout your future career!

5: If you aren’t productive when you’re working at home, try to find somewhere else that you can get work done! Whether it’s a library on campus or a cute coffee shop, being able to be efficient will leave you with more free time later on!

6: Make sure you have some “me time” incorporated into your schedule every week! Whether you want to watch Netflix, do face masks, or hang out with friends, planning some time away from your schoolwork will help you prevent burnout!

7: Meal prep! While some people like to take a set day every week to cook lots of food, even just making sure that you’re always stocked up on quick, healthy meal options will help you stay fed without resorting to fast food or other unhealthy options!

8: Plan outfits ahead of time! This way, you have more free time in the morning to eat breakfast, or just to get some more sleep!

9: Clean up your living space! If you take the time early in the semester to really clean out your living space and maybe redecorate and organize it, it will be easier to maintain throughout the semester!

10: Budget! Whether you have a job during the semester or you don’t, it’s always important to keep an eye on how much money you have so you can track your spending throughout the school year!

With all of these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a great semester!