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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buff State chapter.

See this thing, right here? It’s called Earth and it’s kind of amazing. It’s a beautiful, incredible, amazing little ball of dirt, water, and sky. It’s filled with a variety of something even more astounding and rare: life. 

Maybe you’ve taken our green-and-blue home for granted lately. That’s okay – there’s still time. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’ve all heard it before, but have all of us lived it? Global warming is real, and Earth needs all the help it can get. So, what can you do? Maybe spend five minutes less in the shower. Buy some of those reusable grocery bags – recycle your old coffee cups and water bottles. Every little bit helps. You could bike to school instead of driving, walk an extra five feet to toss your gum in the trash, or carpool with a friend to that party. 

We need to do more now to protect and save planet Earth. In fact, we should have started yesterday. The seas and skies are filled with oil and smog insteads of fish and birds. Our oceans are suffering, our ozone is deteriorating. It’s up to us to save it. The responsibility falls squarely on our shoulders – this generation has to stop the neglect and the abuse. Our ancestors didn’t know what they were doing when they started chopping down trees and drilling the land; they couldn’t possibly see how our efforts to industrialize would tramuatize the enviornment. 

Look how beautiful our world is – look how pure, clean, and good. This is our home, and we have to protect it. But that’s not the hard part. We’re not staving off robbers or throwing out masked assailants; we have to protect the Earth from ourselves. We’re the ones polluting and littering – but we can be saviors, too. We can preserve the forests and save the animals. With hard work and perserverance, we can achieve anything.

Earth is worth all the small sacrifices – she’s even worth the big ones. Because what’s worth more – a habit, or your home? And it’s not just your home. Think about it. Think of the billions of people that call this little planet home – think of the creatures that inhabit the land and the sea, this is their home, too.

Every life is precious, every existence has meaning. Please be respectful.