Student of Fashion

Buffalo State is FULL of talented students who should definitely be recognized for it. Occasionally, we will be showcasing those talented individuals on our Snapshot page. With that said...


Meet India Summers, Class of 2017. She is a Fashion Textile Techonology major who, through her love for photography and fashion, started a website to showcase it. 

How did you get into photography?: I actually was never really into photography, believe it or not. I was just always interested in people, and the way we look, and how we differ from each other. I have always liked "street style" photography, and I wanted to try it myself, not realizing that you need to actually know how to be a photographer! So I just decided to save up to buy a camera, take a photography course, and study the basics. I love it now. But I am still learning, and growing as I go.

What type of photography do you love to do?: I love street style photography. It's also known as documentary photography. It's when you capture everyday life, and/or historical events. I take photos of fashionable people in different cities, and then I interview them asking them what fashion means to them. I am just collecting different perspectives, with the hopes of people visiting my website and learning about what clothes mean to different people. Fashion means something different to everyone. 

What are your favorite subjects to shoot?: My favorite subjects to photograph are people!

When did you decided to turn your hobby into a business?: I decided to start my website about 2 years ago. I had a strong interest in people, and the way that their flaws made them who they are. The laugh lines from their smiles, and the scars from their pasts were significant to me. I wanted to capture that, while still relating it to my love for fashion. And along the way, I learned that successful street style photographers get paid millions just to photograph people on the street! The photograph for, harpers bazaar, vogue, and several other successful magazines. Yes, I'd like to turn my project into a real business, but that's not my goal. I do it because I love it, and I want people to learn from it. 

How can someone get in contact with you if they wanted you to do photography for them?: If someone would like to contact me for any kind of photography, collaborations, or just to say hi, they can contact me on my website! They can visit the "contact" tab, and fill out the contact form.

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