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The 13 Stages of Preparing for Finals Week

Finals Week is a time where students all over the world question their existence and spend the majority of the time stressed out of their mind. From papers to exams to presentations, this week feels like the longest week of one’s life. 

1. Procrastination has taken over and you put everything off until the last minute. You’re trying to enjoy your last weeks at school before you have to go home for winter break. You’re mood is very chill, calm, and happy. 

2. You realize just how little time you have before your work is due and begin preparing a schedule. Everything is mapped out and you’re determined to get everything done in a timely manner.

3. Days pass and you still haven’t done anything. The due dates are approaching fast. Panic ensues. 

4. You freak out because you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to get everything done AND have time to study. 

5. Coffee becomes your life as you spend the next few days getting as much work done as possible while still going to class. 

6. You pull an all-nighter, in hopes of getting your paper done before the deadline – which is the next morning. 

7. You become a zombie for the next few days, questioning your existence and your whole college career. 

8. Although you’ve completed your paper, you’re not out the danger zone yet because you still have exams to study for. 

9. Every night is spent in the library, trying cram as much as you can. 

10. However, you have no idea what you’re looking because you failed to pay attention in class

11. So you just sit there, trying to figure out if you’re actually going to pass. 

12. After much deliberation, you throw all your f*cks out the window 

13. And whatever happens, happens. It’s the end of the semester, you tried your best, and you no longer care. 


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