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Trigger Warning: d*mestic vi*lence

British singer-songwriter and former member of the 2010s boy band, One Direction, Zayn Malik, has been a hot topic of discussion this past week after being charged with four counts of verbal and physical harassment and ultimately pleading no contest on October 27, 2021. The person who brought these charges against him was none other than Yolanda Hadid, the mother of his long-time partner Gigi Hadid and the grandmother of their newborn daughter, Khai. 

After six years of an on-again-off-again relationship, Zayn and Gigi announced shortly after the altercation that they are going separate ways “for good.” It is unclear whether the split occurred prior to or following the alleged assault, but they are determined to co-parent amicably. 

The actual event has been reported as happening in Zayn’s home on the evening of September 29, nearly a month before being settled in court. Yolanda is said to have entered his home unannounced while Gigi was away, and the two got into an intense argument which may or may not have escalated to the point of Zayn “shoving” Yolanda and directing harsh language at her. Zayn “adamantly denies” the physical assault allegations but will complete a 360 day probation, Domestic Violence training, as well as anger management and has been prohibited from any contact with Yolanda, her residence, or her security guard. 

To the best of the public’s knowledge, the two have never had any previous hostility and certainly never reached that level of confrontation; in fact, both had shared kind words about one another in television interviews over the years. 

Some people following their story are siding with Zayn, believing Gigi to be brainwashed by her toxic mother, while others have turned against Zayn, believing him to be aggressive and explosive. Others still decline to make any judgments because there is little public information as of right now, and much of what is available comes from contradictory sources. The media will take a headline and run with it, damaging the lives of involved famous figures, so any and all who seek further knowledge about the situation should be wary of misinformation. 

Each party associated with the scandal has requested privacy and time to heal for the sake of Khai. Whatever the outcome of this situation, it will be a determinant of fan loyalty.

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