Yellow is the New Black


Scrolling through social media these days or during a night out on the town, it seems like anyone and everyone is decked out in black on black. While it can be easy to pull out those comfortable, stylish black jeans and pair it with that favorite black top of yours, it's time to usher in a new color to your wardrobe: yellow! Yes, you heard that right. Yellow IS the new black for spring. Now before you worry about stepping out and looking like a bumblebee, we've got you covered! Here are some tips on how to sport the color of the season without looking like a lemon.


Just like the many shades that encompassed the iconic millennial pink trend, there are several shades of yellow you can choose from. Depending on the occasion, day or just your personal preference, you can pick from buttercream to melted better and everything in between!


If you're going for a bright, bold look, try sporting a bathing suit with that pop of color. Then when you're really feeling like making a statement, slide on a yellow dress like our girl Beyoncé in her music video for Hold Up.

Now if you want to incorporate hints of yellow throughout that perfect daytime outfit, try a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses. And if you're going for a subtle but playful look, try a pale yellow dress with a small gingham or striped pattern to it.

Whatever look you're trying to achieve, there is surely some room for a little pop of yellow. Adding this unique color element to any outfit is easy, and adds an alluring sense of brightness to any clothing or accessory piece. So move over black, there's a new color in town: yellow!