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Would You Recommend Bucknell?

Many outsiders have asked Bucknell students the question: Would you recommend Bucknell? Based on several different criteria, I interviewed different Bucknell students who are currently enrolled here at Bucknell to get their perspective on this question. Here are the results!


For its size and campus feel:

Shruti Khanna: “It depends on the person and what they are looking for… Bucknell is not close to a city or easily accessible, but it does have a great sense of community. There are also lots of friendly people because of the small campus, so it depends on the person and if they are able to thrive in a small campus environment.”


For its greek life and party scene:

Emily Kandarian: “Yes for the education; but no because of the change in Greek life, as Bucknell is known for its Greek life because of the small town, so it’s going to get boring.”

Angel Tejada: “Bucknell is exactly the type of school you think it is… a party school with the work hard, play hard mentality and all about Greek life. So, if that’s your style, then Bucknell is for you. If not, then keep looking”


For its sense of strength in community:

Olivia Amoruso: “I would without a doubt recommend Bucknell to an incoming student because of the positive impact it’s made upon my life thus far. I have made friends outside the bubble of my small hometown. I have also made valuable connections with teachers that I hope will carry beyond graduation. The school is the perfect segway from high school into the real world. It is the perfect atmosphere where students, ‘work hard, play hard.’ It is a competitive environment which pushes you to be the best version of yourself.”

Anushikha Sharma: “Bucknell is a place that has many opportunities and wonderful communities, but if you are not part of the norm, you may have to work harder to find them.”


For its educational experience and opportunities:

Denis Pesacreta: “I absolutely would recommend Bucknell to an incoming student. For me, Bucknell is the perfect blend of an active social life and a prestigious education. As a biomedical engineering major I often find myself very busy. My schoolwork requires a significant amount of time and effort throughout the week, which may seem like it makes it difficult to maintain a social life. However, I am not alone in my dedication to academics. A significant portion of the campus population dedicates themselves to schoolwork during the week. Bucknell is by no means a boring and ‘work-only’ university, but the student body understands that we are here for an education. Once schoolwork is finished, and during weekends, many students are able to unwind, but this university is an academic institution filled with devoted students. This like-minded thinking across campus allows for a natural transition from high school, and provides an easy path to creating friendships.”


Jordan Ferrari: “Bucknell is easy for students who have the privilege to be happy here. Bucknell can be good for students on scholarship who never thought they’d have the chance to go to college. Bucknell is hard for students who are smart enough to see what is truly going on behind the curtain and cannot stand to look away any longer.”

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