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Why We’re Already Over New Year’s Eve

Let the records state that we are already over New Year’s Eve. Every year, we expect a Gatsby-like extravaganza with endless champagne, friends, fireworks, and fun. But each year that our expectations aren’t met (ahem, every single year), we feel disappointed and mourn our social lives. This disappointment also leaves us bummed out on the day that we’re supposed to start implementing our 100 New Year’s resolutions. Then, the even more disappointing “I’ll start tomorrow” cycle begins, and we feel that the year is already off to a disappointing start.

But here’s the thing—people who have a fulfilling social life shouldn’t feel the need to go out and prove it on New Year’s Eve. Some of the best nights in your life are the ones that are spontaneous and don’t come with the expectation that New Year’s Eve does. We go to Bucknell, girls; we know what a fun night is. New Year’s Eve can be pretty frustrating as a college student, as we have new expectations for what is fun. We want New Year’s Eve to be like a college party with our friends from high school. However, the truth is that you and your friends all change when you go to college, and your expectations will never be met.

Social media makes us hate New Year’s Eve even more. Since everybody is trying to prove that they are fun and have great social lives, social media platforms (especially Instagram) can turn into an unspoken contest to see who looks like they’re having the best night. This is when we start making decisions we regret. A few drinks in and suddenly we’re snapchatting ex-hookups and maybe even crying about not having a New Year’s kiss. Who came up with that, anyway? It just makes us bitterer. Once you finally decide what your plans are for the night and are able to get some friends together, more issues arise: who is sleeping where? Who is going to drive who? By the time you’re done figuring out the logistics of New Year’s Eve and you’re finally done trying to have fun, the night is over. New Year’s Eve can be really dangerous and ultimately a letdown. Fun should be fun, not forced.

We don’t hate the idea of having a fun New Year’s Eve, we just hate what New Year’s Eve is supposed to be. Here are some easy tips for having a fun New Year’s Eve at home with your family and close friends:

Do what you want!Instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve the way you’re supposed to, celebrate the arrival of the New Year however you want and in a way that makes you happy. Don’t want to watch the ball drop at midnight? Guess what, you don’t have to.

Eat a fancy meal.Splurge on ingredients for your favorite decadent dish and make it at home for your family. Instead of using New Year’s Eve as an excuse to drink a lot of champagne, use it as an excuse to treat yourself to something you don’t usually have. Then pat yourself on the back for spending less money than you would going out to eat on New Year’s Eve!

Go to a show…from home!You really don’t need to watch the usual, predictable televised New Year’s Eve events. Remember—those people you see on TV are probably not having fun standing outside cramped next to thousands of other people. Instead, rent a filmed concert or Broadway show and feel like you’re there, except that you get to wear your pajamas, eat your fancy meal, and go to bed right after.

Feel good.Pat yourself on the back again. You avoided traffic, crowds, belligerent people who think that they need to prove something on New Year’s Eve, and disappointment.

Go to bed.As fun as passing out in a bed full of random people and waking up hungover is, why not try sleeping in your own bed and going to bed at a reasonable time? You’ll wake up refreshed, relaxed, content with your night, and ready for the new year. 

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