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Where to Meet Guys On Campus

Perhaps it’s the crisp weather, the comfy sweaters, or the advertised hayrides that make us here at Her Campus crave some cuddling on a Sunday afternoon. Or maybe we still can’t get over Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ secret marriage. Whatever the reason, cuddling has become something we can’t seem to get enough of. The pervasive presence of the campus “hook-up culture” leaves much to be desired in terms of romance. If you haven’t yet caved and joined college dating sites like Ivy Date, we’re here to offer an alternative! Here are a few places to meet guys on campus other than at a party.

Athletic Events
I found myself surrounded by males at the last Men’s Soccer home game. I may have been one of twelve girls in the bleachers. Ladies, take advantage of sporting events to get your flirt on! Find a sport that you’re interested in and go to a game, you’ll be surprised at how friendly guys can be while cheering on a team. If you’re knowledgeable about the sport, even better! What better way to start up a conversation with the cute guy sitting next you than by telling him you think the referee is an idiot for making such awful calls? So don those Bucknell Athletics shirts, girls, and get to cheering!

KLARC/Intramural Sports

Sticking to theme of athletics, it’s safe to say the gym is a surefire way to meet guys. My only suggestion is that you disregard the social geography of KLARC and work your way into the free-weight room. I’ve found myself in that room whenever I’m on a serious health kick and there just isn’t enough space to do weight training by the mats on the main level. KLARC’s weight room hides some true gentleman, but you’d never know because you’ve never gone inside! I’ve gotten tips to perfect my form as well as suggestions for exercises to work into my routine. Not only do you get a great work out in the free-weight room, you get to meet some genuine guys in the process. If solo workouts aren’t your style, intramural sports offer a more playful environment in which to meet guys. My first year my hall participated in Intramural Dodgeball and it was a blast! Not only did our hall bond intensify, we got to expand our friend base. Apply the same tactics to a sport you’ve always wanted to try and don’t hesitate to ask the super athletic guy his opinion on the opposing team.

We all need to eat, and guys are certainly no exception to the rule. The cute guy in front of you at Bravisimo has cool shoes? Tell him! The eye candy you spotted in line for quinoa is rocking a Black Keys shirt and you were at a concert over the summer? Seize the moment! Sure, it can be a little intimidating walking up to a table full of guys, but there are so many other chances to get in a quick word or work up a conversation. Don’t shy away from those stolen glances and quick smiles he sends your way; take advantage of them, better yet, be the one to make the first move.

A.C.E/Student Org. Events

Have you ever seen Field of Dreams? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard, “if you build it, they will come.” The same basic principle applies to guys and these sorts of events. If there is free food, they will come. I’m fully aware that there are guys who are genuinely interested in attending the event, but who doesn’t love free food? Bucknell loves to feed its students at special events whether it’s funnel cake at BU After Dark or Turkey legs at Fall Fest and where there is food, there are boys. Don’t be afraid to challenge a guy to a game of H.O.R.S.E. during BU After Dark; it’s a great way to get know them in a fun environment. The guy with the suave moves at Havana Nights makes you swoon? Ask him to teach you a basic step and test out his ability to lead you across the dance floor. If you’re too swamped on the weekends, try making it to a couple of Student Organization events throughout the week. Try Cheese Night hosted by the French club, BASA Bash, SASA dinner, or BAP fundraisers. With the amount of student clubs on campus, you’re sure to meet someone new at an event.

While this may seem super obvious, you’d be surprised how many girls overlook this one. Don’t misinterpret this, class is not where you should actively search for guys, but it is definitely a venue for suitable paramours. Unless you’re a dance major, or in my case a French major, your chances of meeting guys in class are pretty good. Take advantage of the times your professors requires you to pair up with a partner, go ahead and make eye contact with the cutie a few rows over. Another great reason class is a fine place to meet guys is the often-loathed group project. If there’s one thing group projects are good for, it’s meeting potential boy toys.

There you have it girls, five places other than a party to meet guys. Go forth and seize the opportunities!

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