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What’s in Caitlin McGilvery’s Bag?

As the semester beings to pick up and professors pile on assignments, Bertrand and other study spots on campus are becoming more and more crowded. For most students, our days have lately consisted of running to classes, waiting in the 7th Street line for a quick jolt of caffeine and spending endless hours in the library. Before heading up to Bertrand for the night, take a cue from management major Caitlin McGilvery and pack the only essentials for a night of work or day of classes.

Her Bag:
Marc by Marc Jacobs. “I love how durable the fabric is. I can use this bag everyday and won’t have to worry about getting it dirty.”

Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Case: Lilly Pulitzer is a staple here at Bucknell. The colorful prints are perfect for lifting your spirits in class.

J Crew Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a necessity for the beautiful fall days when you can’t resist relaxing on the quad between classes

Five Star Planner: “I’m very organized when it comes to my school work. I like to write everything down so I can be prepared for my classes every week.”

Sugar Chapstick: “The Sugar chapsticks are my favorite because they give your lips a tint of color without getting too sticky. I’m not a big lip-gloss person, but this balm is great and isn’t too shiny. They are 100% natural, extremely moisturizing and smell delicious!”

J. Crew Animal Print Scarf: With the unpredictable weather and unseasonably cold mornings, scarves like Caitlin’s are perfect to throw on in the morning and can be packed away when the temperature starts to warm up.

Tory Burch iPhone 4 Case: An iPhone case like Caitlin’s will be sure to make yours stand out from a crowd of accessorized phones.

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