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What Your Favorite Finals Snack Says About You

It’s that time of the year again: the leaves have fallen, a frosty dew covers the grass of the quad, and students are desperately trying to find a balance between getting enough sleep and studying enough for their much dreaded finals. As there seems to be less and less time to get anything done, many collegiettes find themselves snacking more and more. Find out what your go-to finals snack says about you

Trail Mix

Much like this delicious snack, you don’t stick to one way of doing things. You are a unique person with a mix of personalities. People never know what they are going to get with you, which tends to keeps things interesting. You like to try new things and have a wide variety of friends. You are comfortable in all different types of social situations, which people admire.


You are kind and sensitive and, much like this enticing snack, give many people comfort. People feel comfortable coming to you with their problems, because you are always there to listen or lend a hand. It doesn’t take much for you to have a good time as you are easily content.

Chobani Yogurt Bar

If you are often the first person to arrive at 7th Street for your daily Chobani, you likely adhere to tradition, and may be somewhat of an old soul. You like consistency and routine in your life and don’t handle big changes in the best way. You are counting down the days until exams are over so you can return home for a month where you prefer to say in and watch movies with the family rather than run around town with your friends.

Bison Candy

If you constantly find yourself at the Bison to pick up this sweet snack, you are most likely that person eyeing the desserts before dinner is even over. You are a big sweet-tooth and like to change things up. You are a little kid at heart and enjoy reminiscing on the past, yet you don’t dwell on it. You like to look forward and your bright smile and positive attitude inspires others to do the same.

Veggies and Hummus

If fresh vegetables or hummus are your favorite snacks this exam season, chances are you are the person who spends equal amounts of time in the gym and the library. You are constantly moving and don’t like to sit still. You might find yourself restless, especially around the craziness of finals, but your constant willingness to help others is what people admire about you.                                               

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