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What you should know about “Squid Game” before watching it

If you’ve been on social media recently, you have definitely seen advertisements and posts that are talking about the new popular show “Squid Game”. This South Korean survival drama has quickly gained popularity and is even set to surpass Netflix’s current #1 show “Bridgerton.” The show covers the lives of 456 people, all of whom are severely in debt, and follows them as they compete in a series of 6 competitions to win a huge cash prize. Sounds simple, but there’s a twist: it literally is a survival show. If you lose, you die. 

  • The show was originally announced under a different name

In September 2019, Netflix announced plans for a show initially called “Round Six” to be released. Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the premise of this show was pretty similar to what is now “Squid Game.” “Round Six” was set to take place in a hidden location where participants are locked in a room until there is only one survivor. 

  • The show is quite violent

I wouldn’t watch the show if you are not a fan of gory scenes that involve a lot of blood. The trailer gives just a glimpse of how violent and bloody this show gets as the competition intensifies. If you have a weak stomach and get squeamish at the sight of blood, I would stay away.

  • The director Hwang Dong-hyuk, was inspired by how he would feel if he was in the shoes of the players

Frequently compared with the “Hunger Games,” Hwang Dong-hyuk admitted to taking inspiration from “Battle Royale” and “Liar Game.” He went on to say that when he wasn’t doing so well financially himself, he wondered how he would feel if he was in the shoes of the participants. However, in “Battle Royale” and “Liar Game,” the games were too complicated and so for “Squid Game,” he wanted to use children’s games. 

  • You will want to binge watch all 9 episodes 

This series is addictive and the cliffhangers at the end of each episode don’t help. Once you start, plan to spend the entire day watching because you’re going to want to continue. 

  • Is there going to be a second season? 

As of right now, there are no plans for a second season however, Hwang Dong-hyuk said that he would not be opposed to the idea in the future. 

Gracie is currently a sophomore at Bucknell University
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