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What We’ve Learned

At Bucknell, we don’t just learn something new every day, but with each year that passes. People often notice that each year at Bucknell is very different from the previous one, but in the best way possible. We start out as young, naive first-years tasked with navigating “the Bucknell culture.” We then become sophomores and start meeting more people, joining more clubs, learning more things, and making more “big” decisions. As juniors, many of us travel far and wide to discover the world’s finest cultures, while the rest of us stay in Lewisburg and spend time discovering the real meaning of  “growing up.” And when we reach senior year, we find ourselves reminiscing on all that we’ve learned during our time at Bucknell...and wishing we could re-live every moment. Read on for a list of the things we’ve learned each year that will always stay with us, even after we turn our graduation tassels.

The Top Things We've Learned Each Year At Bucknell: 

Freshman Year: 

  • Bucknellians only speak in acronyms. BSG, CDC, LC...the list goes on and on. If you don’t learn these acronyms early on, good luck getting anywhere or doing anything on campus.
  • Dominos and Dunkin’ Donuts are the two main college food groups. Once you step foot on campus, download the Dominos and Dunkin apps immediately so that satisfying late-night and early morning cravings are just a few touch-screen taps away. Your taste buds will thank you, but your bank account won’t.
  • Tote bags, Barbour coats, riding boots, and rain boots are must-haves. To brave the elements in Lewisburg – and to dress similarly to a majority of other students on campus – make these purchases immediately.
  • Caf-sitting is the best way to waste time. Your best friends plus all the food you could ever want in one place equals a dangerous yet enjoyable way to procrastinate.

Sophomore Year: 

  • It’s still acceptable to play dress-up. There’s no harm, no foul in bringing your favorite costumes from home to wear at parties...or buying the most ridiculous outfits at the Lewisburg Wal-Mart.
  • Coffee becomes a necessity if you want to make it through each day. A double espresso will become your go-to for powering through papers, cramming for tests, and getting through those tough assignments that never seem to end.
  • Having your car on campus means more Target and Panera trips. You’ll spend more money on gas, random stuff, and Bread Bowls then you ever thought you would.
  • Going out often – and staying up until 3:00 a.m. – is a way of life. Cherish your body’s ability to bounce back after late nights...it only gets harder as you get older.

Junior Year: 

  • More responsibilities means less sleep, but a better Resumé. You’re super busy, overly stressed, and pretty much crazed...but, at least you’ll have things to talk about when you apply for internships and jobs.
  • Studying abroad = a much-needed vacation from Bucknell. Whether you find yourself in the French countryside, in one of Italy’s finest cities, or in South Africa, studying abroad will open your eyes like never before.
  • It’s time to get down to business. The time has finally come for you to answer that tough question, “Okay, so what can I actually do with my major?”  
  • You’ll solidify your true friendships for years to come. After two years at Bucknell, you finally figure out who you can trust, who you can laugh with, and who you can live without.

Senior Year: 

  • Staying in on a “party night” is totally acceptable. Pass the bottle of wine and put on Netflix...and forget walking downtown.
  • Acting like a freshman again is also acceptable. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the new Fridays? Why not. It’s our last chance to do what we want without the pressure of going to work the next day.
  • The future matters like never before. It’s the year when “APPLY FOR JOBS” makes an appearance on everyone’s weekly to-do list.
  • Friends are the #1 priority. Whether it’s trips to every local restaurant, lazy afternoons sitting on the Quad, or three-hour long hangouts with a group of 50 of your closest friends, senior year’s the time to bond hard before (sadly!) leaving the Buck.

...Although each year brings us something new, one thing remains the same: our love for Bucknell that motivates us to do it all. Spend time with friends, enjoy our classes, get involved on campus, and create the person we want to be for the rest of our lives. While college certainly has its highs and lows, Bucknell’s a great place to grow up year after year...and time definitely flies when you’re having fun.

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