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What’s Your Favorite Chillin’ Out Outfit?

We asked our team what their go-to Sunday morning comfy clothes are – here are our favorite lounging around outfits!

 “My sister and I are avid members of #TeamNightgown because pants are just far too restricting.” Elizabeth Worthington, Staff Writer

“On any given weekend or immediately after class, you can find me in any oversized sweatshirt or basically anything that gives me an excuse not to wear pants!” Molly Farrell, Staff Writer

“My favorite lazy-day ensemble is obviously this groutfit. I don’t think this needs any more explanation because clearly I look incredible, and I feel cozy and warm.” Perry Hamilton, Copy Editor

“I go for my gaucho pants.” Kathleen McGivern, Staff Writer

“I wear my ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt and my Dad’s sweatpants.” Natalie Dumart, Staff Writer

“I wear an oversized shirt so I don’t have to wear pants!” Lindsey Ruff, Staff Writer

“My mom’s old college tee!” Sarah Forer, Staff Writer

“I go for my grey Adidas sweatshirt, grey track pants and white sneakers.” Kate Jansen, Co-CC

“I wear a pair of jogger pants with Ugg slippers.” Sophie Napoli, Staff Writer

“I go for a pair of Root sweatpants.” Kaily Ghazi, Staff Writer

“An oversized tee!” Emily Malmquist, Staff Writer

“A maternity onesie and robe!” Emma Sheehy, Staff Writer

“I’ll wear anything grey – I’m the groutfit queen!” Grace Carita, Co-CC

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