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What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About You?

And you thought it was just your favorite Halloween candy…turns out it says something about your personality! 

Reese’s: You’re a warm and good-natured person, and know how to brighten anyone’s day. People are often impressed by how kind-hearted you are, and love spending time with you. 

M&M’s: You’re super fun, and know exactly how to make everyone laugh. No matter where you go, you’re always spreading your colorful personality around with you.


Hershey’s: You’re easy to please! With an easy-going nature, you work great in groups, knowing how to stay calm under pressure.


Kit Kat: You’re a great listener, and know how to give good advice. You’re dependability and loyalty make you someone your friends know they can always talk to.


Twix: You keep it real. You’re honest with yourself and with other people, never sugarcoating anything.  


Sour Patch Kids: Everyone’s favorite thing about you is your witty sense of your humor, and your clever perspective. You’re quick to crack a joke, and have a fun-loving personality that people gravitate towards.


Twizzlers: You’re quirky! Not following the rest of the crowd, you like to do things your own way. Wherever you go, your individuality shines through.


Skittles: You’re the social butterfly! Complete with gossip sessions and late night hangouts, you love to be surrounded by people–just like they love to spend time with you!


Olivia is a junior writer and VP Tech for Her Campus Bucknell. She loves being on the Her Campus team because it's a unique platform for college women to support one another. Outside of Her Campus, Olivia is obsessed with her Westie, a lover of all things coral, and a muffin fanatic.
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