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What to do with your Extra Halloween Candy

Halloween is on of the most exciting and spooky days of the year; however, the aftermath of this holiday can be quite frightening. When you wake up on November 1st with a bad stomach ache and a room full of candy, it’s time to make a plan about what to do with all of those sugary treats scattered throughout your room. Here are 7 hacks for what to do with leftover Halloween candy!


1.Donate it!

Organizations such as Soldiers Angels and Ronald McDonald house have programs that allow you to donate any extra (wrapped) candy that you may have! This is a great way to give back to your community and get those treats out of your room!


2. Freeze for later

Put all of your candy in the freezer and save it! Most candy stays good for up to 10 months in the freezer, which means that your favorite treats can be saved so they do not go bad!


3. Make Halloween chex-mix

Put your favorite halloween candy in a bowl with chex cereal, pretzels, and melted white chocolate for the perfect salty and sweet snack!

4. Use it for a dessert option at Thanksgiving

Save your Halloween candy and bring it home for dessert for all of your friends and family. The candy will for sure be eaten if it is sitting in bowls around a Thanksgiving party.


5. Bring it to class

There is always going to be a handful of kids that did not eat breakfast and will settle for any source of food that is present. Bring your Halloween candy to class and leave it out for your hungry peers!


6. Mix it into ice cream

Make your own homemade ‘Blizzard’ by mashing some of your Halloween candy into your favorite ice cream flavors! This easy and delicious hack will spice up any basic ice cream flavor.

7. Eat it!

Hey, even though your stomach is hurting and the thought of candy makes you sick, take some Tums and just keep eating your leftover Halloween candy! You may regret it in a few hours, but in the long run, it won’t be the worst decision you have ever made!

Caroline Saef

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