What is up with the Bison Smoothie Bowls?

This fall, the Bison announced its newest addition to Bison Fresh: smoothie bowls. Smoothie bowls are an up-and-coming health food trend, and the Bison has decided to hop on board. But, since the addition of smoothie bowls at the Bison, there has been a serious controversy. Many students were thrilled when they heard about the smoothie bowls, but were disappointed when they actually tried the bowls.

One popular critique about the smoothie bowls is the lack of actual smoothie within the bowls. The smoothie bowls at the Bison are different than the smoothie bowls many Bucknell students have had at home. Anna Shipman, a sophomore, said, “they are not like my acai bowls at home.” Many students have felt an outrage after trying the bowls and discovering how little smoothie is actually in the smoothie bowls.

“I love the fresh fruit, but where is the smoothie?” asked Ainslie Eck, a sophomore. Many Bucknell students have felt as if the smoothie to fruit, granola, and nut ratio is off. They feel that there should be more smoothie in the bowls than there is currently. When asked about the smoothie bowls, Meghan Pace, a sophomore, also critiqued them heavily: “They’re too expensive for what they are.  [They] aren’t real acai.  [The Bison] is trying to be trendy too hard.” 

Despite the vast discontent about the smoothie bowls at the Bison, some Bucknell students enjoy them. “I love smoothie bowls. I get one every day for lunch. I think that they are filling, healthy, and fresh.” says Autumn Patterson, a sophomore.  “I think there’s the perfect amount of smoothie in the bowls, and the price is reasonable.”

Since the smoothie bowls have been added to the Bison, the Bucknell community has lost another favorite food: the yogurt bar at 7th Street. Though you are now able to create a yogurt bowl at the Bison, many students feel that it is overpriced. “I just wanna make my own yogurt with 3 topping and 2 fruits, but that's $8.50!” exclaimed Christina Caruso, a sophomore. Previously at 7th Street, you were charged for your yogurt by its weight, but now it’s one all-inclusive price.

So what do you think: are smoothie bowls here to stay?