What to Binge Next- The Great British Baking Show

It is that time of year when midterms have begun to slow to a stop and soon finals will fall upon us. One of the “best” de-stressing tactics that many college students have used is procrastination and what better way to procrastinate than to binge Netflix. A show that has been increasing in popularity the past couple years in the US has been The Great British Baking Show. It transports the viewer to a place filled with beautiful desserts, calming british accents, and a competition where the competitors actually help each other to complete their tasks (how unamerican).

The show is made up of twelve accomplished home bakers who have come to compete to be the ultimate star baker. The past two seasons the show has been judged by Prue Leith, a British-South African restaurateur (previous seasons judged by Mary Berry) and Paul Hollywood, the King of Bread. The contestants must compete in several weeks of challenges with different themes every week- patisserie week, the daunting bread week, biscuit week, and more. They must show off their signature dishes and technical skills in multiple challenges based off of the week's theme creating decadent cakes, cookie master pieces, and colorful edible sculptures. While this may sound intense, two british comedians host the show, providing cheesy comic relief throughout the baking tent.  The show is loved for the peaceful ambiance with glimpses of nature and lovely British people drinking tea.

The eleventh season premiered on September 15th, 2020 and has surprisingly followed the new Netflix trend where the company only releases one episode per week similar to cable television. Leaving you with plenty of episodes to binge instead of reading that chapter due tomorrow for your political science class. 

Baking tools Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash