Uplifting News Stories to Restore Faith in Humanity

Turning on any news channel or scrolling through news articles can often put us in a grave mindset about humanity. Although it is important to stay informed on current world affairs, it is equally important to focus on the good and inspirational stories to keep us hopeful and positive. Here are 5 news stories to restore your faith in humanity and brighten your week.

1. From Dishwasher to Millionaire, Ethiopian Refugee Achieves American Dream

Tashitaa Tufaa first arrived in Minneapolis from Ethipia in 1992 as a refugee. He began working as a dishwasher at the Hilton Hotel, earning $5.65 an hour. He then held as many as three jobs at once. He is now the president of a multimillion-dollar bus company. As one of his many jobs, he was a shuttle driver for senior citizens and people with disabilities. He exclaims that as a result, he fell in love with transportation. Tashitaa stated, “I do not believe in giving up.” He wants his story to be a lesson for immigrants. He believes we should “appreciate what you have, work so very hard, and get rid of the wrong pride we have back home that if you have a college degree you have to be in a professional line of work and you can’t dig the potatoes or do the dishes. Work is work and go out there and do what is available. Be proud of it”.

2. Meet the Double-Amputee Veteran Running 31 Marathons in 31 Days

Rob Jones was a corporal in the Marine Corps when he stepped on a mine in 2010 that exploded beneath him, resulting in him losing his legs. In the years since, he made it his mission to raise money for veterans’ charities through completing physical challenges. He is running 31 marathons, in 31 different cities, in 31 days. The races will end on November 11th, Veterans Day. The incident in 2010 taught him to act while you can, stating, “you can’t wait ‘til you’re 100% ready to do something, because you’re never gonna do it”.

3. Trans Teen Kicked Out of His Old School Voted Homecoming King

Stiles Zuschlag, a transgender teen, reported that he was asked to leave his former school due to his gender identity. He was awarded homecoming king at his new school, Noble High School, during the football game. He exclaimed that his heart kind of dropped and it “was the most surreal thing that’s ever happened”. After, he said he really appreciated the way he’s been accepted at his new school.

4. Man Finds Kidnapped Teenager and Gives her his 7,000 Reward

Earl Melchert was supposed to be at work managing a fertilizer plant, yet had to leave work because he forgot something and drove home to grab it. On his way, he saw something moving in a field. It was a 15-year-old Jasmine Block, who disappeared in August. She had escaped from three men who abducted her. The police department presented Melchert with 7,000 reward, 2,000 from Jasmine’s family and 5,000 from an anonymous donor. He then gave the check to Jasmine, believing it was the best thing he’s ever done.

5. ‘ICU Grandpa’ Snuggles Newborns when their Parents Can’t be in the Hospital

A mother who lives 2 hours from her hospital, has an 8-year-old daughter to care for, and a husband who works night shifts explained that “every mom pictures their baby in the crib all alone crying”. The worry and guilt disappear because of David Deutchman, known as the ICU Grandpa. The mom describes David as an angel. David is 82 years old and has been volunteering at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s ICUs for more than 12 years. David explains that he “likes the fact that there’s serious stuff going on” and that he “has the opportunity to make a contribution and help out” stuff going on” and that he “has the opportunity to make a contribution and help out”

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