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The ULTIMATE Holiday Debate: When Is It Appropriate to Start Playing Christmas Music?

With the BEST time of year right around the corner, it’s nearly impossible not to get a little bit excited. Just the mere thought of the re-run holiday movies, mouth-watering Christmas cookies, and of course, the glorious and glistening tree is able to put anyone in the festive mood. However, there is nothing that quite compares to the joyous, jolly, and jingle-belling holiday vibes felt when listening to your favorite Christmas tunes. Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby – the list of legends is never-ending!! Despite all this holiday excitement, there is ANOTHER wonderful, heart-warming holiday that is always caught in the shadow of all the Christmas glory – Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving doesn’t receive nearly as much enthusiasm, coming home after practically a full semester of college to your loving family, home cooked meals, and your own bed to sleep in is an unbeatable feeling… With this is in consideration, one extremely important and crucial holiday question is raised – When is it ~okay~ to start listening to Christmas music???

After interrogating several Bucknell students in the glorious name of the holiday season, I used their answers to come to a conclusion about the 5 different types of Christmas music listeners there are…

  1. The “Thanksgiving doesn’t exist and isn’t important” Enthusiast

This individual spends no time jumping from listening to monster-mash on repeat to Justin Bieber’s ICONIC 2011 holiday album. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1st, the Christmas playlists are in full swing. However, if this person gets into a fight with the Holiday Appreciator, it is more than likely that hands (or turkey legs) are going to swing…

  1. The Holiday Appreciator

Unlike the heartless, turkey hater above, the Holiday Appreciator takes pride in every holiday of the fall season. This person most likely has important and delicious Thanksgiving traditions that make the mere idea of skipping the holiday unbearable… Thus, they respectfully begin playing their favorite Christmas jams the day after Thanksgiving.

  1. The Decemberist​

Similar to the holiday appreciator, the Decemberist likes to take their time before they dive into the snow-filled world of the Christmas season. They want to make the most of their Christmas time in the days leading up to 25th, rather than running out of all their holiday energy in the month before (sorry the rest of us don’t have self-control when it comes to the holidays) …

  1. The Nonbeliever

This person, a.k.a. THE GRINCH, doesn’t like to listen to Christmas music…AT ALL!!! They may allow it on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, but anytime otherwise is completely forbidden. How this is possible, no one is really sure, and it is quite toxic to the rest of us Christmas lovers. But who knows, maybe they’re just bitter cause their stockings are filled with coal instead of the earrings they wanted…but that’s none of our business… *sips eggnog*


  1. The One We All Can’t Stand…

Listen, we get it – Christmas is wonderful and magnificent in every way possible, and we all feel that slow, heart-wrenching depression set in once the season is over… BUT, this is not an excuse to play Christmas music 365 days a year!! No one wants to get in the car after a scolding hot day at the beach and listen to the oh-so repetitive Jingle Bell Rock… so please, for the sake of Christmas, cool it with the tunes.


So, what’s the deal? When is the right time to start playing Christmas Music? After this overly-detailed analysis, I think the answer is clear – there is no right time!! Whether they are a nonbeliever, holiday appreciator, Decembrist, the “Thanksgiving doesn’t exist enthusiast”, or the year-long elf, everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way. As irritating as it can be to hear your favorite Christmas song at a time other than when you listen to it, don’t let it bother you! Just be merry and get EXCITED!!

Katharine Beck

Bucknell '22

Hey ladies!! My name is Kat and I'm a first year student at Bucknell! Raleigh, North Carolina is my home, but Lewisburg is quickly becoming my second. Some of my favorite things include traveling, fashion, hanging with friends, and most importantly, my cat. I love writing, especially fun pieces regarding travel, fashion advice, and food reviews!
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