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Spring break has long been the holy grail when it comes to trudging through the monstrous mountains of midterms. It has always been a week to blow off steam—whether that be the flee to Miami Beach or simply finding comfort at home. However, this year Miami Beach was a no-go and going home was not an option. With no spring break, we’ve been putting pedal to the metal for nearly nine weeks, but there is one thing that will maintain your sanity: a dance party. 

As Time explains, dancing has countless benefits for both our physical and mental health. So, when you reach that point when your English reading homework begins to look like your calculus, take a break and throw on one of these Top Five Dance Party Songs for Study Breaks:  

1. “505” by Arctic Monkeys 

Arctic Monkeys never disappoints for that needed angsty jam. The Favourite Worst Nightmare album is consistently less popular than their AM album, but “505” provides the perfect warm-up for the much needed break. The beat drops two and a half minutes into the song allowing for the perfect frustrated dance. 

2. “Dreams” by The Cranberries  

This is simply a classic. The Cranberries stand out in style compared to their 90s’ alternative co-stars such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Foo Fighters. It walks the fine line between angst and folk while seamlessly flowing from the ending of “505.”  

3. “Talk Too Much” by COIN

COIN consistently provides the energy needed to shake off the ridiculously stale articles and journal entries found on JSTOR. “Talk Too Much” is the band’s most played song on Spotify (apologies Apple Music users), but considering their newly released album and EPs, it won’t be on top for long. 


SATURATION is a part of a brilliant three album trilogy. This song allows for the perfect come-down following the intense energy from COIN. The band’s recent singles and EPs fall on the harder rap end of the spectrum, but the relaxed beats will never get old. 

5. “Heroes” by David Bowie 

How could you not dance to this? To be clear, the “Héros” French Album Version is absolutely superior. Bowie will forever be in the books as the most iconic and remarkable classic rock artist, so he has a home on this Study Break playlist. Moreover, just as Bowie fades away at the end of the six minute song, we all can fade right back into our work. 

Haley Beardsley

Bucknell '24

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