Tips on Combatting Winter Dry Skin

When the winter months hit, many people find themselves suffering from dry skin. As if the cold isn’t bad enough, the icy weather punishes us with chapped lips and parched skin. That being said, the winter does not necessarily have to wreak havoc on your skin. Dry skin can be prevented, managed, and healed with these easy steps:

  1. Stay hydrated. This is easy to forget; however, staying hydrated can make a big difference for dry skin.

  2. Avoid hot water, especially in the winter. It can be extremely tempting to crank the heat up when showering or washing your face, but the truth is that hot water can actually contribute to dry skin. Instead, try using lukewarm water. 

  3. Exfoliate dead skin cells can prevent lotion from absorbing into the skin so exfoliating is an important (and often forgotten) step to take before moisturizing. Also, exfoliating helps prevent dead skin from clogging pores which is an added bonus.

  4. Moisturize immediately after showering by applying lotion or moisturizer while your pores are still open from your shower will allow your skin to absorb as much product as possible. 

  5.  Try mixing moisturizing products into your makeup routine if you wear makeup and find that your skin is dry or flaky try using products that will moisturize your skin such as a hydrating primer or a tinted moisturizer. A lot of makeup products and powders are made to combat oil which may actually further irritate dry skin. Instead, keep an eye out for makeup that will help with dryness. 

  6.  Purchase a humidifier. Adding moisture back into the air with the help of a humidifier is extremely beneficial for preventing and healing dry skin and can easily be added to a dorm room, apartment, or house. A lot of humidifiers can also diffuse essential oils which can make any room smell amazing.