Tips for 9/25 Employer Expo

Feeling anxious about tomorrow’s Employer Expo? With over 100 employers coming to campus, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, Her Campus has some easy tips to help you mentally prepare, and power through once you’re there!

Dress the part:

This is by far the easiest part. Look nice! This is such an easy way to boost your confidence before you even walk into the fair.


Do your homework:

Make sure the first time you’re learning about the employers at the fair isn’t when you’re walking around during it. The CDC has been super helpful in trying to prep students, and part of this is providing a list of all the employers in attendance. Skim through the list, and identify which employers you’re particularly interested in seeing. Then, prioritize those employers when you attend.

Take a deep breath:

Before you walk into the fair, stop and take a moment for yourself. Whether it’s breathing a couple times, reminding yourself of how amazing you are, or running through a mental checklist of goals for the event, allow yourself to have that time! Self care is an essential for success.

Walk around on your own:

Sure, you might want to head over to the career fair with a couple friends, but once there, don’t be tempted to spend all of your time with them. It’s important that you focus on you. The people your friends want to talk to are likely not the same people you want to talk to, so do your best to be independent.


Ask questions:

Most of these employers won’t have any expectations for students attending the fair. They’re simply there as a resource--so take advantage of them! Don’t worry about sounding silly, or trying to make your questions sound fancier than they are. Just ask questions that you genuinely want to know the answers to, or that you think will help you in your career path.

Take a fresh LinkedIN profile photo!

If you’ve been putting off refreshing that LinkedIN pic, the Employer Expo is offering you the chance to get it done in an easy way (that’s also free!). Just make sure you to bring your BUID and a smile, and you’ll be all set for the photo op.


For more information about Employer Expo, or any of the CDC’s upcoming events, click here.


Now go get ready to be a boss at tomorrow’s fair!