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Technology is Replacing Humans…Is There Anything We Can Do About It?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

    It is no secret that every time we blink there seems to be new technology that can automate a process, eliminate face-to-face interactions, or just simply make our lives easier. Whether it be the new iPhone, car, or even a robot that can perform tasks that humans can, technology is improving everywhere. At first, we might think this is exciting! Who wouldn’t want robots to complete simple tasks around the house for you like washing the dishes or cooking dinner? But as we begin to dive deeper into the rate at which technology is being invented, the cons might outweigh the pros.

    The development of interactive robots and chatbots with the purpose of being “coaches” in the healthcare industry that talk with sick patients is one way that robots are embodying human features. But what about the actual person who used to do this? Does this mean we are going to lose jobs and put more Americans out of work?

    Another example of humans being replaced is through the development of automated cars. With cars being able to drive themselves, where is the need for Uber or taxi drivers? These cars not only drive people around but they can also deliver you groceries and other goods to your front door. There will be no need for delivery people anymore because the self-driving car will be able to do just that.

    Lastly, let’s talk about Salesforce. Salesforce is a platform where data is tracked and shared and can be accessed from different devices in order for people to communicate back and forth. Basically, Salesforce eliminates the need for assistants and human-run sales teams because it can make sales recommendations and perform all the tasks that assistants do. With Salesforce, so many office workers are simply unnecessary.

    Between healthcare coaches, delivery people, and assistants in the workplace, technology is truly replacing humans. Where companies used to need teams of people to complete tasks such as talking to sick patients or calling customers as sales representatives, a robot or computer is now getting the job done faster and better. The task of ten is now being completed by one. This also means that not only are we competing against other humans in order to land jobs, but we are competing against technology too. Differentiate yourself in interviews and show why a human is necessary in these roles, not a computer. How can the emotional side of humans outweigh the lack of character computers have? This is what sets humans apart.

    Moving forward, we cannot stop new technological inventions, but we can continue to better ourselves as workers. Improve your skills: learn how robots complete human tasks and one up them. Computers may be more knowledgeable than us, but through hard work and determination we will be able to take back our jobs.


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