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The Tea on Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods

Good morning to everyone but Tristan Thompson… and Jordyn Woods. If you have not already heard, Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe Kardashian. Again. This time, however he took the cheating a step too far and decided to choose Kylie Jenner’s best friend as his next target. How naïve could this pair be to think that none of the KardashJenners would never find out? I am sure you are all interested in how the whole situation went down, so I am here to share the tea:

To start off the night of heartbreak, apparently Jordyn attended Tristan’s party and drank a little too much (not that this excuses any of her preceding behavior). At the party, Jordyn supposedly called Khloe to say she was “making sure none of the girls stayed over,” as a way to ensure Tristan did not hook up with a random girl, but clearly the girl she should have really been worried about sleeping over and getting too cozy with Tristan was herself. After the whole night went down, Larsa Pippen, Kim Kardashian’s best friend found out from Jason Lee, a new reporter, what really happened and told Kim, Kourtney, and then broke the devastating news to Khloe. Khloe, being the boss woman she is, confronted Jordyn over the phone and Jordyn admitted her shameful acts of the night after first denying them.

Khloe also confronted Thompson about this scandal, and as soon as he admitted to her what he did, Khloe dumped him. Thompson tried to deny the events over Twitter, like the wimp he is, but we all know the cold, hard truth: once a cheater, always a cheater. 

As the days pass, Jordyn is supposedly trying to apologize to the KardashJenner clan, but apologies and excuses can only go so far, Jordyn. For now all I can confirm is: Jordyn sure will not be getting any Kylie Lip Kits in the mail any time soon! 

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