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Spring Cleaning: The Collegiate Edition

We’ve officially hit the April mark, which means that the school year is slowly, but surely, coming to a close.  And with the sun finally making an appearance here and there, college students are soaking in the sun and celebrating the coming of spring by gathering on the quad, eating meals outside, wearing sundresses, and enjoying the walk to class. However, with all good things that come with spring, it’s important to remember that it’s time to sift through our closets and rooms for spring-cleaning.

Although daunting, the most important and hardest task to conquer is your closet. Every Bucknell girl complains about how small her closet is, and for this reason, we’ve all forced way too many clothes into the drawers and closet space the University has provided us with. It’s time to take the big comfy sweaters and fleece-lined leggings that kept us warm during this year’s never-ending winter and tuck them away in a suitcase. Out with the winter clothes, in with the super Saturday sundresses.

Next, it’s imperative to realize what to keep and what to toss. Yes, those beads from St. Patrick’s Day and minion costume from Halloween provide you with wonderful memories, but they also take up way too much space in your room. As consumers, it’s hard for us to part with things that we spent money on. But in reality, will we ever wear most of the clothes we bought from Walmart and destroyed at parties? Hopefully not. Throw it out!

Now that you’ve separated what you need at the moment, what you need later, and what you don’t need at all, it’s time to organize your closet accordingly. Instead of trying to come up with a cute outfit in the morning and finally settling on leggings and a sweatshirt because your closet is a disaster, organize it so that all your jackets, dresses, tops, etc. are all differentiated from each other. Small tip: avoid wooden hangers, as they usually take up more space and are also more expensive.

As busy college students, it’s easy to prioritize our work, social life, naps, and forget to de-clutter the messes in our rooms. In fact, when you do have time alone to yourself, it might be the easier option to kick back and relax by watching the last season of your favorite show on Netflix. But by avoiding spring cleaning, it’ll be harder to ignore the embarrassing pile on your floor that continues to grow every week. So, get up from your desk or your bed and take an hour out of your day to reorganize your room; you won’t regret it.

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